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a 5 years project, Antwerp

ProjectsPosted by Thomas Tuesday, March 20 2007 11:31:07

Blog ImageChristoph always regarded his shop as a platform, where he found better opportunities to show his creativity than he ever could have had with just doing a défilé in Paris. Everybody who has seen the shop knows that the work of Christoph Broich is not just fashion. Fashion is fun. But Christoph wants to show his whole work. Impossible to present art on a catwalk.

When he opened the shop in may 2001 Christoph was already busy with his next huge project. A few days after the opening he signed the contract for the "Red Fish Factory", a former ready-to-wear manufactory. This shall become an even better platform for his art and for design. The building was in a bad condition and drastic rebuildings were necessary.

The opening of the Red Fish Factory was planned for 2006 (5 years after the shop opening), but the building was not ready. We hope to make the first presentation in 2007.

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vitrine on paper

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